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Revolutionary Technology The Golden Balance

Revolutionary technology

First developed for aerospace and defense applications, V-KOOL's spectrally selective technology revolutionized the industry by being the first "intelligent" film that can differentiate between wavelengths in the solar spectrum.

The technology behind V-KOOL’s revolutionary performance is in a complex process of embedding multiple stacks of heat reflecting precious metals. The super clear substrate is embedded with atomic layers of Gold, Silver and Indium Oxide. This complex process gives V-KOOL its amazing heat reflection qualities without looking reflective or dark.

V-KOOL films work by reflecting heat rather than absorbing heat. Heat absorbing films can cause intensive heat build-up in the car due to re-radiated heat and thermal stress onto the glass can result in glass breakage or cracks.

The Golden Balance

Look out your window and see the world in a different light. Since the dawn of civilization, gold and silver have been associated with success, achievement and elegance. By incorporating an ingenious design utilizing and layering each of these rare, precious metals at the nano level, V-KOOL film is a timeless status symbol that balances form and function for the discerning car owner.